r-12 refrigerant

What is R12?

Since being developed nearly 100 years ago, it is believed that R12 is the most widely used of all refrigerants in the world. Refrigerant R12, commonly known as Freon, is used as a cooling agent. This CFC gas can be found everywhere; in air-conditioning units and other home appliances, industrial chillers, water fountains, cars, medical refrigeration, and even nuclear facilities, to name a few.


Chlorofluorocarbons such as R12 were also used in non-refrigerated products. Metered-dose inhalers relied on CFCs as propellants to help spray the medicine out of the inhaler. CFCs were also used in other aerosol spray products, as blowing agents in foam used for construction or to insulate refrigerated equipment.

Full Name:

Refrigerant 12

Technical Name:

UN 1028, Dichlorodifluoromethane

Cylinder Color:

White or Tan

Available Quantities:

Cans, 30lb Cylinders, 50lb Cylinders, or 145lb Cylinders

Common Brand Names

Can I still sell my r12?

While the production of new R12 is banned, it is not illegal to sell or use R12. In fact, many of the cylinders and cans of Freon R12 sold for decades throughout the United States are still around today. Many chillers, appliances, and cars manufactured before the ban are still in operation. Learn more about the history of R12 here.

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