Mail-In Program

How does it work?

When you choose to sell your refrigerant through our mail-in program, Refrigerant Finders makes getting paid quick and easy. Because of our association with FedEx, we can ensure the safe shipment of your refrigerant from any state in the US. Shipping is always free!

This video can be used as a helpful guide on how to pack and ship your refrigerant through our mail-in program.

Our mail-in program makes shipping refrigerant easy!

Order Your Box

Contact one of our EPA certified technicians to enroll in our mail-in program. We mail you an insured, pre-labeled, prepaid shipping box.

Pack Your Refrigerant

The box includes all instructions and equipment you will need to pack and label your refrigerant.

Schedule Pick Up

When you are ready, give us a call to schedule a convenient day and time for FedEx to pick up your box.

Interested in Our Mail-In Program?

Selling your refrigerant has never been easier. To learn how you can get paid by shipping your refrigerant, contact us.


Most frequent questions and answers
What Refrigerant Types Can I Mail?

Our mail-in program only accepts disposable containers of R-12, R-500, and R-114. If you have R-11, R-113, or recovered material, we offer convenient pickup and drop-off options.

Is It Legal To Ship Refrigerant?

Yes! Because of our association with FedEx, we are able to ship refrigerant legally and safely throughout the country. When selling your refrigerant to us, you are selling to EPA-certified technicians. 

Can I Mail Recovered or Reclaimed Material?

No. We do not accept recovered or reclaimed material through our mail-in program. If you have recovered or reclaimed refrigerant, contact us to discuss our other collection methods.

Can I Mail Disposable Tanks?

Yes! Disposable refrigerant cylinders and cans are accepted in our mail-in program. Please note that there is a 5lb or 6 can minimum to qualify.

Can I Mail Cans of Refrigerant?

Yes! We accept refrigerant cans in our mail-in program. Please note that we have a minimum purchase order of 6 cans or 5lbs.

Is There a Minimum Shipping Requirement?

Yes! To qualify for our mail-in program, we require a minimum of 5lbs of refrigerant or 6 cans.

How Do I Get Paid?

We offer payments through check, direct deposit, or electronic payments like PayPal. When you sign up for our mail-in program, choose which payment method is best for you.

When Will I Get Paid?

If you are able to send us photos of your refrigerant on a scale, we can pre-pay for your material before it arrives at our facility. Otherwise, once we receive your material, we will need to verify the weight and refrigerant type. Once complete, we will initiate payment.


If you choose to be paid via paper checks, payment will be processed within 2-3 business days after we receive your material. Checks will arrive within 7-14 days. If being paid via electronic payment or direct deposit, your money will arrive within 3 business days.

Interested in other purchase methods?

Refrigerant Finders offers local pick up and drop off options.


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