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How It Works

1. Get a Quote

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Call our office or fill out the web form below to reach a customer service representative. Please have an estimate of how much refrigerant you have, and be ready to provide us with your zip code and phone number.

2. Select a Purchase Method


We will make arrangements to meet you at a convenient location such as your home, work, or a public place to purchase your refrigerant. We’ll call a week prior to being in your area to set up pickup details. This program has a 10-pound minimum.

We will send you a prepaid, appropriately-labeled box, and you send us your refrigerant! Upon verifying the weights and refrigerant type, we will send you payment. There is no minimum amount for the mail in program.

Set up an appointment with one of our technicians at our warehouse in the Chicagoland area to drop off your material and get paid on the spot.

3. Select a Payment Method

drop off refrigerant

Available for local pickup only.

Available for local pickup and mail-in program.  Please allow 7-14 days for your check to arrive.

PayPal – available for mail-in program.

Venmo – available for mail-in program.

Western Union – available for mail-in program.   We will send cash to your local Western Union branch.