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How It Works

Selling Your Refrigerant is as Easy as 1,2,3!

1. We Give You a Quote

Call to sell refrigerant

Call our office or fill out the web form below to reach a customer service representative. Please have an estimate of how much refrigerant you have, and be ready to provide  us with your zip code and phone number. We will tell you when we plan to be in your area.

2. We Come to You

We pick up refrigerant

We will call you approximately one week before we are going to be in your area to arrange a pickup. We will meet you wherever is most convenient for you- home, work, or a public location.

3. We Pay You in Cash

We pay cash for refrigerant.

No waiting around the mailbox for a check. We pay by the pound- in cash. We travel with a portable scale and weigh your refrigerant on the spot. We even provide you with a receipt for your records.