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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can still sell R-12 and other CFC refrigerants. Although these refrigerants can no longer be manufactured, it is perfectly legal to sell to an EPA certified buyer.

You can find more information here.

Yes, all of our employees are 609 certified technicians. We are happy to provide a hard copy of our certificates upon pickup.

Yes. We accept reclaim material above 10 pounds. We travel with a portable refrigerant analyzer and test for purity before purchase.

Remember to subtract the tare weight when weighing your material. For reclaim tare weights, please see our  What We Buy page.

Common brands include: Dupont, Genetron, Forane, National, Chargette, Sercon, Interdynamics, LaRoche, Cold Shot, and Isotron.

Many retired auto mechanics, car enthusiasts, farmers, and HVAC-R professionals still have R-12 and other CFC refrigerant collecting dust in their garages and basements! Sound like you? Check your inventory and contact us.

It is easy to identify refrigerant in its original cylinder by looking at key characteristics such as chemical name, brand, and container color.

For more details, please refer to our What We Buy page.

You can weigh your cylinder using a bathroom scale or a professional refrigerant scale. Don’t forget to subtract the tare weight of the cylinder. Read more about tare weights here.

Refrigerant Finders has a nationwide collection program with pickups occurring in different regions. Once we identify enough material in your area we will notify you and set a time for your pickup.

To find out when we will be in your area, contact us today!

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