How To Sell Refrigerant

Guide: Selling Refrigerant   It is not every day that people sell refrigerant – especially old refrigerants like Freon or other R12 brands. But then it happens. You stumble upon an old cylinder of R12 after cleaning out your garage or sell an old car and no longer have use for those extra cans of… Continue reading How To Sell Refrigerant

Understanding Refrigerant

Understanding Refrigerant Terminology   Everybody relies on refrigerant. It is in refrigerators, cars, offices, homes, trucks, boats, and trains, keeping people comfortable. It prevents our food from spoiling and our equipment from getting too hot. It is literally everywhere.    Very few people know what refrigerant is – let alone the different kinds of refrigerant,… Continue reading Understanding Refrigerant

Freon & R12: What’s The Difference?

What is Freon?    Have you ever ordered soda or pop in Atlanta? If so, you know that people use the brand name “Coke” to describe all different varieties of the sugary, carbonated drink. The same is true for Kleenex, the most common brand name of many varieties of tissue paper. Just like not all… Continue reading Freon & R12: What’s The Difference?

What Is Refrigerant R12?

What is Refrigerant R12?    A lot of people have heard of Freon. The stuff your dad or grandfather put into his car, so the air conditioning worked. The stuff that is supposed to be bad for the ozone layer.  But did you know that Freon is just a brand name for a chemical gas generically… Continue reading What Is Refrigerant R12?

Refrigerant Buyback Pricing: How Does It Work?

The expert team at Refrigerant Finders answers top questions we get regarding how our Refrigerant Buyback Pricing works.


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