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How do I get rid of my refrigerant safely?

As it gets warmer, folks doing spring cleaning sometimes find old containers of refrigerant in their homes. Since refrigerant is classified as a hazardous material, you cannot simply throw it out. Only certified professionals should handle it. Getting rid of refrigerant can seem like a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a guide to dispose your refrigerant safely and quickly with ease.

Safely Remove Your Material

If you are replacing your A/C unit or need to dispose of a refrigerator, you can call a local HVAC technician. Be sure to choose one who is trained and certified to recover refrigerant safely. They do this sort of work all the time.

Properly Store It

First, if you have found a tank of refrigerant, make sure the refrigerant is being stored properly. This means keeping it in a safe environment away from any direct heat sources (like a radiator) and making sure it is protected from any severe shocks such as falling off a shelf or being hit by a hard object. Secondly, if your refrigerant is in its original box, keep it there. If not, any cardboard box will serve as a good temporary home. Thirdly, and most importantly, make sure all the valves are properly closed so there are no leaks. “Righty tighty” should do the trick!

Sell it to a Reclaimer

Then, you should think about turning it into cash by delivering it to a certified EPA reclaimer who can make sure it is handled correctly. Start by identifying the type and amount of the refrigerant you have (which should be listed as the net weight somewhere on the front of the tank). You can sell this refrigerant once you know what you have and how much it weighs (using a bathroom scale is fine). How much your refrigerant is worth depends on the volume you have and the type of refrigerant. Moreover, it will matter if the refrigerant has been recovered from a refrigerator or is in a disposable can or cylinder. Either way, you can contact Refrigerant Finders to get a quote for how much your refrigerant is worth and schedule a pick-up.

Refrigerant Finders will buy your CFC refrigerant (R12, R500, R114, R11, R113) right from your front door. Refrigerant Finders offers several pick-up options to best serve you based on your location and how much refrigerant you have. All of our staff are professional and EPA 609 certified technicians. Visit or call us at (312) 291-9169 and one of our customer service representatives will work with you to guide you through the process.

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