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Buyback Refrigerant Program: How Does it Work?

Buyback Refrigerant Program: How Does it Work?

How Does Our Refrigerant Buyback Program Work?

Finding an easy and safe way to get value for recovered or stockpiled refrigerants can be a challenge. Federal rules limit who can buy older refrigerants, like R12, and figuring out a fair price for your material can be confusing. We’re here to help you solve that problem and tell you all about our buyback program.

That is why so many people trust us here at Refrigerant Finders. Each month, we purchase refrigerant from hundreds of people, all over the United States and those purchases are mostly in small cylinders and cans. We are EPA certified. We pay good prices. And we make it easy.

We have several convenient and reliable options for collecting your refrigerant and paying you money.

When you are ready for collection, it is important to note that we understand that you need variety, therefore, we include a mail-in program through UPS and an in-person pick-up program when we are traveling through your area. People in the Chicagoland area can always drop off their refrigerant with us directly. We can pay in cash, by check, or by PayPal, depending on the way you get your material to us. You can rest assured that your refrigerant and payment is in good hands because our employees are friendly, professional, and EPA-certified.

We purchase the following refrigerants:

  • R12
  • R500
  • R113
  • R114
  • R11

No quantity of refrigerant is too small. We buy 12, 14, and 15-ounce cans, as well as 15, 20, 30, 50 and 145-pound cylinders. Even half tons of material are welcomed!

Your options continue as we also buy unused and stockpiled material as well as recovered material. We buy full and partial cylinders. It’s time to get some value for your old refrigerant.

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