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Our Story

We Are Refrigerant Finders

Refrigerant Finders is a Chicago based company with a nationwide refrigerant collection program. We pride ourselves on providing a simple, responsible, and convenient process for selling used, surplus, and recovered refrigerants.  Since 2012, our team has done business with over 5,000 individuals in 48 states.

What We Buy

Refrigerant Finders offers top dollar for CFC refrigerants like R-12, R-500, and R-114. Take a look at our criteria and give us a call.

How it Works

Our EPA-certified team travels nationwide to pick up your refrigerant and pay you in cash. Near or far, we come to you!


Still have questions? We’ve got answers. Get information on our most common topics here or contact us directly.

Customer Testimonials


St. Louis, MO

"Great service. I have done four transactions and they are never late and willing to meet anywhere. Top notch company."


Warrenville, SC

"I understand I live in a rural area of South Carolina and expected it to be a while until anybody could arrange to buy my 30 pounds of R-12. The young lady showed up a few months after I contacted your office. After calling my house she found me, weighed my product, paid me and was off to the next one. Very smooth. So smooth I would like to come to work for you!"


Whitman, MA

"I thought there had to be a catch. The whole process was seamless, the representative was very professional and pleasant to deal with."