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Freon vs. Refrigerant. What’s the difference?

Freon vs. Refrigerant. What’s the difference?

The short answer is: all Freon is refrigerant, but not all refrigerants are Freon

While refrigerants are often collectively referred to as “Freon,” Freon is actually the name of one specific brand of refrigerant. Freon is a trademarked brand name of air conditioning refrigerant created by DuPont. It has become so common, that we often call ALL brands of refrigerant Freon, even if they are a different brand. So you may or may not have Freon refrigerant, but you definitely have some kind of refrigerant in your A/C unit. Think of this in comparison to how the brand name “Kleenex” has become synonymous with all brands of facial tissues.Freon vs. Refrigerant. What’s the difference?

There are plenty of different brands of refrigerant. Some other popular brands include Sercon and Honeywell. One thing to keep in mind is that a refrigerant’s brand does not tell you the category or type of refrigerant—only who produced it. 

CFC’s are one of the main categories of refrigerant.  Some popular types of CFC’s include R-12R-500R-114R-11, and R-113, all of which we will happily purchase from you.  Give us a call 312-291-9169 or email us at to get a quote on your Freon (and other brands of refrigerant) today.