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Can I Send My Refrigerant Through the Mail?

How It Works

Yes! We accept your refrigerant through the mail and yes it is safe.

Under certain guidelines, sending refrigerant through the mail is possible. It does require special certifications for both the carrier and the company receiving the material. Not every carrier is able or willing to transport refrigerant because it is classified as a hazardous material and requires approvals from the Department of Transportation.

Why is refrigerant classified as hazardous material?


If you have high-pressure refrigerants like R-12, it is important to remember a few things. R12 gases are non-flammable and are affected by pressure and temperature. They can irritate the skin and cause issues such as frostbite. When released in a confined space, refrigerants displace oxygen, which makes it more difficult to breathe. In a closed space it can cause you to suffocate.

Which mail carriers will accept my refrigerant and how is it transported?mail

The United States Postal Service will not accept hazardous material.  However, carriers like UPS and FedEx will accept hazardous material if packages are labeled and packaged properly. The proper certifications must also be in place to ensure that this is possible.

While carriers like UPS and FedEx will transport refrigerant, there are restrictions on how the refrigerant can be transported. Refrigerant can’t be transported by air, because it is a pressurized gas. Transportation by ground or boat is the only safe method!

How can I package my refrigerant so it can be transported safely?

The first step to safely packaging your refrigerants is to turn the valves to make sure they are closed. Then put a cap on the nozzle of your refrigerant so that it does not accidentally leak out.  Make sure that the box you are using is in good shape. If you have heavy material (i.e. a full 30-pound cylinder), use a double-walled box. It is important to cushion your cylinder with newspaper or other packing material to ensure it does not shift in the box while in transit.

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